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User Subroutine

1073741819 error code in ABAQUS

Dear all,

I'm using UEL in ABAQUS. The UEL works perfectly as far as I have 256 time increments (each 1e-6 sec). When I'm trying to increase the time increments (let's say 512 with the same 1e-6 sec per increment) Abaqus gives me error code 1073741819.

I'm running Abaqus 6.14.2 with Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 on a Windows 7. CPUs are 3rd generation.

I would appreciate if you could help me to figure it out.

Best Regards,

User subroutine for Calculix explicit

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I want to use Calculix explicit for large deformation problem. I want to use a user subroutine similar to vuhard (in ABAQUS) to model the material behaviour. Calculix documentation metions uhardening, but there is nothing similiar to vuhard.

Is there a way to do this?

How to update solution-dependat variable (SVARS) during iterations

Hello everyone,

 I am implementing a uel user subroutine in ABAQUS. This uel is for modeling contact in X-FEM framework. Thus, it's a nonlinear problem and I need to store some solution dependent variables during each iteration. I know I can store SDVs in SVARS. But this vector will update at the end of each step, and not during iterations. Anybody knows about this problem?

 I really appreciate if anybody can help me with this.



How to link the fortran compiler with Abaqus?

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Dear All Abaqus Experts:

I am new Subroutine user and I have Force2.0 installed on my computer with Abaqus 6.10. When I type 'abaqus job=analysis user=analysis', it returns that 'analysis.f or analysis.obj can not be located', I changed the extension of the .f file to .for, which seems pass through but still with error that 'ifort.exe can not be found'. I looked everywhere and got no clue, pls pls help on this and your kind help is mostly appreciated.

Linking ABAQUS With Subroutine Written In FORTRAN 90

         I am using ABAQUS 6.10.1, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, and Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional 11.1.060 on Windows 7 Premium. So far ABAQUS of my system is able to process user subroutine written in FORTRAN 77 (.for file) without any problem. However, may I know is it possible to make ABAQUS process user subroutine written in FORTRAN 90? Waht setting should I change and what format ( .for or .f90 ) should the FORTRAN 90 user subroutine be saved in order for the linking to work?

stepTime VS. totalTime

Hello everyone,

 I have a problem with one user subroutine.

The fact is that, debugging the subroutine I see the totaltime different from the steptime. I am using just one step and the .inp implementation is veryfied with a different user subroutine, so totaltime and steptime should be exactly the same (but they are not...)


The value of the total time is around 1e-8 and the value of the steptime is around 1e-55.


Could anyone give me a clue?


Thanks in advance.

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