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Opening for a Sr Computational Modeling Engineer at Medtronic !

This exciting position is posted today.  We are looking for someone who has strong theoretical background in material constitutive modeling and has the ability to do user material coding and simulation automation through python/R/Matlab scripting.  Experience with shape-memory alloys is desired.  Below is the link:


Curvature effect on nitinol aortic stent

high i am a student doing a project on curvature effect on thoracic stent. I want to curve the nitinol stent in abaqus. I am using RSURFU and doing static analysis. But am not able to curve it. Also when using implicit dynamic analysis with quasi static apllication my KE is high and comparable to IE. So can any body help me. Crimping and expansion is not a problem.


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Shape Memory Alloys: Evolutionary response of NiTi and their application in actuation



Saleeb, A. F., Dhakal, B., Padula, S. A., & Gaydosh, D. J. (2013).
Calibration of a three-dimensional multimechanism shape memory alloy
material model for the prediction of the cyclic “attraction” character
in binary NiTi alloys. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 24(1), 70-88.




Need Help for Abaqus/CAE ( best method for fatigue test for tensile test for a number of cycle)

Dear friends, i current doing a project work on testing fatigue life of superelastic nitinol. And since i am very new in using abaqus for testing the simulation, i seeking help from people around here to ask for method to test the work. My objective is to set a maximum elongation for 1%-6% of elongation and test for 40,000 cycle if it can work for this amount of cycle..

i Hope anyone can help me as i need to finish this project in order to graduate and i didnt get any single help from regarding this software from my side..

VUMAT for Nitinol --- why VUMAT and not UMAT?

Dear all,

 I'm new in imechanica. I need some informations about VUMAT for Nitinol. I would like to implement in fortran a subroutine for the behaviour of shape memory alloy.I looked for some subroutines already implemented but they have been developed in the implicit way.

It's true that with the VUMAT(explicit) I could have some problems of stability and convergence.Could someone suggest me any reason to make this model in the VUMAT?I know that in VUMAT I can't redifine the time increment so before running the analysis It's important to pay attention on Dt.

Shape Setting Nitinol

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I'm just wondering if anyone knows if there are any guidelines/references on the maximum strain in a Nitinol component during a shape setting heat treatment.  




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Nitinol Webinar next week




An Introduction to the Unique Material Properties of Nitinol

  • Wednesday, November 11
  • 1 p.m. Eastern time

Hook up to this live online presentation with interactive capability and you’ll
be rewarded with a comprehensive course, including:

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Nitinol, stent fracture and related issues

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Stent and Nitinol have revolutionized the medicine.  In past decades, guidewires, stents, filters and many minimumly invasive devices and implants are made of Nitinol and they proved to be very successful.

However, the fatigue behavior of Nitinol has not been well understood.  As a consequences, many stent fractures have been observed in-vivo.  Below is a list of misconcepts that may contribute to the widely observed in-vivo fractures on Nitinol stents:

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