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Need Help for Abaqus/CAE ( best method for fatigue test for tensile test for a number of cycle)

Dear friends, i current doing a project work on testing fatigue life of superelastic nitinol. And since i am very new in using abaqus for testing the simulation, i seeking help from people around here to ask for method to test the work. My objective is to set a maximum elongation for 1%-6% of elongation and test for 40,000 cycle if it can work for this amount of cycle..

i Hope anyone can help me as i need to finish this project in order to graduate and i didnt get any single help from regarding this software from my side..

abaqus superelastic ( Auricchio's model)

good morning,
im PHD student in france working in stent problems,
i want to simulate only superelastic model of nitinol in ABAQUS (   
Auricchio's model)
some doc are available in th internet, but still confused

how can i idintify this material in Abaqus?
do i have to code this model and write subtoutine in fotran  or it 
already exists in ABAQUS ?
what is in summery  the steps that i have to do??
thanks 4 giving some of ur time 4 this question

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