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large deformations

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Geometry and mechanics of thin growing bilayers

Matteo Pezzulla, Gabriel P. Smith, Paola Nardinocchi, and Douglas P. Holmes, Soft Matter, 12, 4435-4442, (2016).


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Torsional locomotion

Can a torque induce longitudinal motion of an elastic rod?

See the explanation and an example of use of the 'torsional gun' at

If you're having trouble playing videos on YouTube, click here to watch it.

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Wrinkling of Interfacial Layers in Stratified Composites

by Y. Li, N. Kaynia, S. Rudykh and M. C. Boyce

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 



Full time position with ANSYS Inc (Houston, TX)

ANSYS, Inc. has an immediate job opening in Houston, TX for a Technical Services Engineer.  This is a full time position.

The job entails providing advanced technical guidance on various aspects of computational Structural Mechanics to clients in industry and academia.

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Geometry of Non-Linear Continuum Mechanics

This is an attempt to contribute to bring the discussion on non-linear issues in Continuum Mechanics (CM) under the comprehensive supervision of modern differential geometry (DG). Some people would say that engineers do not need so much mathematics, but such an opinion is a sure indicator of lack of knowledge of the matter. In fact I am an engineer, a University teacher and a designer in Structural Engineering and my experience is that a lot of troubles would have been saved to me by a basic training in DG.

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Snap-through actuation of thick-wall electroactive balloons

Snap-through actuation of thick-wall electroactive balloons

Stephan Rudykh (a), (c), Kaushik Bhattacharya  (c) and Gal deBotton (a), (b)

(a) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University, 84105 Beer-Sheva, Israel

Virtual Heart Surgery

1. We highlight a study performed by researchers using ADINA in which they investigated a computational approach to construct patient-specific ventricle models based on in vivo cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging for surgical planning and optimization. The study was motivated by the fact that the use of such computational models can help to assess different surgical hypotheses and replace empirical and perhaps risky clinical experimentation. For more information please see

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Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research into the Mechanics of Magnesium Alloys

A postdoctoral fellow is sought to study the mechanics of magnesium alloys at the University of Waterloo, Canada, under the guidance of Dr. Worswick and Dr. Gracie. The qualified applicant will have a proven background in computational mechanics, substantiated by publications in international journals.  Preference will be given to candidates with experience coding large deformation plasticity models, coding the finite element method and with using fracture mechanics.  In addition, experience with high strain rate testing of materials is desirable.

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