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anisotropic hyperelastic ansys subroutine

Recently i work on finite element model of a human vertebral body, and focus on intervertebral disc.

Based on its structure which consist of collagen fibers i have to use anisotropic hyperelastic model with reinforced fiber, and i derived the coefficients of strain energy function.

but i have some troubles to modeling this material in ansys v.10 or v.12, because i have to use user material subroutine and i have not enough information about how to define material with macro in ansys

Virtual Heart Surgery

1. We highlight a study performed by researchers using ADINA in which they investigated a computational approach to construct patient-specific ventricle models based on in vivo cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging for surgical planning and optimization. The study was motivated by the fact that the use of such computational models can help to assess different surgical hypotheses and replace empirical and perhaps risky clinical experimentation. For more information please see

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A boundary element formulation problem

I am working on some boundary integral equation formulation and I am currently stuck with some mathematics. I wish anyone can help me out with this. 


I have an anisotropic (sometimes called generalized) biharmonic differential operator which  takes the form

L = k11 D1^4 +  k12 D1^2 D2^2 + k22 D2^4 

where D1 = d/dx, D2 = d/dy, my problem is two dimensional.

I need to find a fundamental solution (Green's function) for this operator, that is 

L(u) = -delta

where delta is Dirac delta function.

wave propagation (ANSYS/ABAQUS)

hi, friends

 Is there any options to simulate the wave propagation(stress wave) in
ANSYS/ABAQUS.Its to validate the results i got from my MATLAB
simulation. I'm a new user of ANSYS and ABAQUS.So some body please help
me out . thanking you in advance..


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