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A paper on macroscopic stability of fiber composites

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Macroscopic instabilities of fiber reinforced composites undergoing large deformations are studied. Analytical predictions for the onset of instability are determined by application of a new variational estimate for the behavior of hyperelastic composites. The resulting, closed-form expressions, are compared with corresponding predictions of finite element simulations. The simulations are performed with 3-D models of periodic composites with hexagonal unit cell subjected to compression along the fibers as well as to non-aligned compression. Throughout, the analytical predictions for the failures of neo-Hookean and Gent composites are in agreement with the numerical simulations.

It is found that the critical stretch ratio for Gent composites is close to the one determined for neo-Hookean composites with similar volume fractions and contrasts between the phases properties.

During non-aligned compression the fibers rotate and hence, for some loading directions, the compression along the fibers never reaches the level at which loss of stability may occur.


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Prof. Stephan Rudykh

    It is a novel research work in area of fiber composites.I What to know what the stability analysis results will be if viscous(or elasto)-plastic properties of matrix is considered?  Thank you!

Pengfei Liu

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Thanks for your response! It's an interesting direction to go,  however it's quite far beyond the scope of the paper (in which I perform a homogenization of hyperelastic fiber composites with further analysis of global stability as it is based on the homogenized elastic moduli).  Anyway, I hope to explore such problems in future. 

 thanks again,


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