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Metals and Alloys Webinar on Modelling: State of the Art in Casting and Forging Simulation

Thursday 14th June - 12:30pm (BST)

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Once only accessible at the high-end of manufacturing, modelling and simulation is now widely embraced by the industry as a result of increased processor speeds, the accessibility and usability of software and the reliability and robustness of the models and codes which underpin it.

Forging process simulation

Hello friends,

I am doing My Graduation in Mechanical, right now i am on a project and want to simulate Forging cylinderical billets in order to optimise the process parameters, hence it is required to optimize the process parameters like temp., speed , stroke, material flow etc. as a function of Die design and friction. I want to simulate it in ANSYS plz help me how to go for it, because finally i want stress, strain rate, strain, material flow as the final  result. 

Simulating Hole punching operation using MSC Marc

Does anyone who has previously worked on MSC Marc worked with the concept of element activation and deactivation...?

I need to do a simulation wherein a hole is required to be punched in an alloy steel bar.

The issue is that I am not sure as to how to go about this.

If there is anyone who can guide me through this ..I would appreciate it..!!



Flow Stress Curves for 51CrMoV4 material at varying temperature and strain rates

1] I am Krunal, currently pursuing my masters for University of Sheffield, wherein for my thesis I require to simulate the forging process for commercial vehicle Anti-roll bars using MSC MARC software. 2] I require the flow stress curves for the material 51CrMoV4 at varying temperatures ( approx 850 - 1400 deg celcius ) and varying strain rates ( approx 0.01 to 50 per second). However I am unable to find it....!!

deep drawing simulation

I am a graduate mechanical engineer working on a deep drawing
(metal forging) simulation using ansys. I am looking for
tutorials for simulating deep drawing.

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