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stress strain curve

stress strain curve


I am
trying to solve
Elastic_Plastic problem  providng stress strain curve as material properties ,solid elements are working
wheras if im
using  shell elements  software not taking the stress  strain
curve as a input. the stress strain curve data is given below

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Flow Stress Curves for 51CrMoV4 material at varying temperature and strain rates

1] I am Krunal, currently pursuing my masters for University of Sheffield, wherein for my thesis I require to simulate the forging process for commercial vehicle Anti-roll bars using MSC MARC software. 2] I require the flow stress curves for the material 51CrMoV4 at varying temperatures ( approx 850 - 1400 deg celcius ) and varying strain rates ( approx 0.01 to 50 per second). However I am unable to find it....!!

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Effect of surface hardness in tensile testing

Hi Everyone,

 Is is possible to account the surface hardness effect in the tensile testing specimen? If possible, how could it be acomplished?

For instance, I would like to establish the  stress strain curve for the material that used on surface hardened component. Will there be a big change if the surface hardness effect is considered on the tensile specimen?


Please throw some light in this regard.



M Gopalakrishnan

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