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ANSYS Finite Element Elastic Beam

Modeling a curved graphene sheet

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I'm trying to simlate the buckling behavior of a grpahene sheet using ANSYS APDL 14.5

In my analysis I need to have a graphene sheet that is curved with a variable radius for different cases. I was wondering if there is a faster way to model the graphene sheet assuming that the carbon-carbon bonds are modelled as elastic beam elements( beam 188) and the nodes are represnted by the carbon atoms.


 --Naveen R--

deep drawing simulation

I am a graduate mechanical engineer working on a deep drawing
(metal forging) simulation using ansys. I am looking for
tutorials for simulating deep drawing.

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Question: Beam Element in ANSYS Theory Reference

I have read some descriptions about beam element in chapter 14 of Element Library of ANSYS Theory Reference(ANSYS Help),it is mentioned that the stiffness matrix of a beam element in element coordinates is a 12x12 matrix that its elements are calculated in the same way as przemieniecki's book(Przemieniecki, J. S., Theory of Matrix Structural Analysis, McGraw-Hill, New York (1968))
Unfortunately I didn't find this book in the library,if any body has read this book,if it is possible guide me how przemieniecki have reached to such stiffness matrix?

Sincerely yours

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