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Research Associate (Postdoctoral Position) in Mechanics Modelling for Nuclear Materials at Imperial College London

I have a post-doc position for 24 months at Imperial College London, funded by Rolls Royce, working on dislocation mechanics modelling for problems in nuclear materials, full advert and application from the link below. Closing date 14th November 2021, starting as soon as possible, at least within the next 6 months.

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Mechatronics Research Fellow (PhD) positions in National University of Singapore

Dr. Benjamin C.K. Tee's research group in the National University of Singapore (NUS) is hiring Master's or Post-doctoral candidates with experience in designing mechatronics systems. We are looking for highly talented and motivated candidates to work on developing new sensing devices. The project will employ advanced mechatronics design and prototyping.

Post-doctoral profile:

Marie Curie Fellows and 3 PhD positions available at Cardiff and Luxembourg University in Data Modelling and Simulation

Dear iMechanicians,

One PhD position for a European PhD student is available at Cardiff University in Computational Engineering Sciences.

We are also looking for international candidates from any country for the prestigious President PhD fellowship at Cardiff University.

We are interested in students with a background in Applied Mathematics or Computational Engineering.

We are also welcoming applications for Incoming Marie-Curie Fellows in Computational Engineering and Data Modelling and Simulation, both at Cardiff University and the University of Luxembourg.

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Postdoc Openings at CMU on Soft Multifunctional Materials

The Integrated Soft Materials Lab (SML) is accepting applications for postdoctoral appointments in the areas of soft-matter electronics and multifunctional materials. The postdoctoral researchers will lead efforts to develop composites and integrated soft material architectures for sensing and actuation in wearable, deformable, and shape-programmable systems.  Applications will focus on artificial skin and muscle for autonomous soft robots, prostheses, and wearable computing.  

ERC RealTCut biomechanics post-doctoral opportunity

POSITION We are looking for a post-doctoral fellow for a duration of 12 to 23 months, available immediately at the University of Luxembourg, in collaboration with Cardiff University. Gross Salary 68,000EUR per annum.

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Looking for a Post-Doc position in Geomechanics, in Europe

Dear all,

My name is Adrien Haxaire. I am currently Associate Professor at LGCIE, INSA Lyon, France, until end of August. I am looking for a
Post-Doc position in geomechanics in Europe.

During my PhD, I developped a thermodynamical model capable of describing coupled THMC phenomena in unsaturated porous media. It was implemented in Cast3M. 

I am very interested in chemical reactions in porous media, their modelling and implementation. I am also interested in the field of CO2 sequestration.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position in Computational Nanomechanics at the University of Pittsburgh

A postdoctoral research fellow position is currently open in the Computational Nanomechanics group at the University of Pittsburgh for the following research projects in the multidisciplinary areas of computational nanomechanics, nanotechnology, renewable energy, and nanomedicine: 

  1. Hydrogen and bio-sensing nanowire fabrication

Postdoctoral and PhD Research Positions in Computational Nanomechanics at the University of Pittsburgh

Several postdoctoral and PhD research positions are currently open in the Advanced Computational Technology (ACT) group at the University of Pittsburgh for the following research projects in the multidisciplinary areas of computational nanomechanics, bio-nanotechnology, renewable energy, and nanomedicine:

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