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PhD Position in Multiscale Modeling of Hierarchical Materials

A PhD position is open for summer or fall 2017 in Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab at Louisiana Tech University on multiscale modeling of hierarchical materials with an emphasis on nanocomposites. The candidates must have earned a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering or related fields and have a solid background in theoretical and computational mechanics, specifically continuum mechanics and finite element modeling, and need to have the knowledge of writing computer code (preferably using C/C++).

Project Associate / PhD Positions: Multiscale Simulation of Nano-Composites for Fatigue & Fracture

Applications are invited for few open positions in the area of
multiscale simulation of fatigue and fracture of advanced alloys and
nano-material based composites. Primary focus of this research is investigation
of fatigue and fracture behavior of nanomaterials and to develope various
constitutive models for continuum, based on large scale atomistic simulations.
Research effort will include development of analysis and design methods toward
improving material/structural behaviour using computer simulation. Interested
candidates should have preferably MTech/ME degree in
mechanical/civil/aerospace/material engineering discipline with good knowledge

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Nanocomposite Electrical Generators....

A nanocomposite electrical generator composed of an array of zinc oxide nanowires is considered.
The electric potential distribution along zinc oxide nanowires is modeled using continuum
mechanics and Maxwell’s equations for the case of axial loading. A perturbation technique is used
for decoupling the constitutive equations. The governing differential equations are solved using a
finite difference method. It is shown that a gradient of electric potential exists along the axis of the
zinc oxide nanowires. Maximum and minimum values of electric potential exist at the extreme ends
along the nanowire length and have opposite signs. The positive and negative voltages are separated

Measuring mechanical properties of nanoparticle in nanocomposite using nanoindenter

Hi There,

I am going to measure the mechanical properties of nanoparticle in Nano composite using nanoindenter. I searched through the literature and I did not find any work that measure this individually and all of them measured properties of nanocomposite not the inclusion itself. ThanksAzadeh


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Carbon Nanohorn Reinforced Nanocomposites...

I have formulated a shear-lag model for calculating the variation of stress along carbon nanohorns (CNHs), which are conical shaped wrapped carbon sheets, embedded in an epoxy matrix under axial loading.  I found that the stress distribution along the length of CNHs depends on the cone angle of these structures and maximum normal axial stress has a smaller value in CNHs compared to a carbon nanotube (CNT) with same cross-section as of the CNH's tip.  Furthermore, I read an article stating that synthesis of CNHs are easier compared to CNTs.  However, the only article I could find which has s

compression molded versus injection molded nano-composite




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Postdoc position at MIT: Thermal and mechanical properties of nanocomposites

A postdoctoral associate position at MIT is available immediately,
focused on the analysis and development of multifunctional thermal
management structures, by using theoretical and atomistic multiscale
modeling and simulation. This project specifically involves calculations
of thermal and mechanical properties of graphene based metal- and
polymer nanocomposites, with a focus on various aspects such as
interfacial transport properties, tunability, mutability and phonon
engineering. Additional aspects of the project relate to the general

Need help about nanocomposite materials

I am Ramin Aghababaei , new PhD student at Mechanical Department of National University of Singapore.

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