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Effects of surface tension and electrochemical reactions in Li-ion battery electrode nanoparticles

The size- and shape-dependency of the chemo-mechanical behavior of spherical and ellipsoidal nanoparticles in Li-ion battery electrodes are investigated by a stress-assisted diffusion model and 3D finite element simulations. The model features surface tension, a direct coupling between diffusion and elasticity, concentration-dependent diffusivity, and a Butler-Volmer relation for the description of electrochemical reactions that is modified to account for mechanical effects.

Measuring mechanical properties of nanoparticle in nanocomposite using nanoindenter

Hi There,

I am going to measure the mechanical properties of nanoparticle in Nano composite using nanoindenter. I searched through the literature and I did not find any work that measure this individually and all of them measured properties of nanocomposite not the inclusion itself. ThanksAzadeh


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