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Thermal fluctuations (eventually) unfold nanoscale origami

We investigate the mechanics and stability of a nanoscale origami crease via a combination of equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. We identify an entropic torque on nanoscale origami creases, and find stability properties have a nontrivial dependence on bending stiffness, radii of curvature of its creases, ambient temperature, its thickness, and its interfacial energy.

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Ph.D. position @ University of Trento (Italy)

1 Ph.D. position (36 months) within the research activity related to the PI ERC Consolidator Grant "SFOAM" will be funded by and available at the University of Trento (Italy). 

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Fully Funded PhD Position in Mechanics of Morphing Solids and Shells at the University of Missouri – Columbia

I am seeking a PhD student to work on the design and modeling of morphing solids and shells. The position is fully funded and is available at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Missouri – Columbia.

Applicants will have a BS or an MS or an Engineering degree in a relevant area (Mechanical or Civil Engineering, Physics or Applied Mathematics). Knowledge of Python, Matlab and of an FEA software (e.g., Ansys) is a plus.

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Fully Funded PhD Position on Mechanical Metamaterials at the University of Missouri, Columbia

The position: I am looking to support a PhD student to work with me towards the design, modeling, fabrication and testing of mechanical metamaterials with emphasis on morphing structures such as origami tessellations and lattice materials. The study will focus on deriving and validating novel stress-strain relationships that transcend the standard framework of Hook's law. Sought applications will be in the domains of (i) self-deploying space structures; (ii) soft robotics; and (iii) "invisibility" cloaks.

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PhD positions on mechanics of morphing solids and shells at the University of Missouri, Columbia

The positions: I am looking to support two PhD students to work with me towards a mechanical understanding of morphing structures such as origami tessellations and lattice materials and metamaterials. By "understanding" I mean anything relevant to the theoretical and numerical modeling of these structures, in static and dynamic regimes, within the context of elasticity whether linearized or not as well as the fabrication and testing of toy models necessary to assess that "understanding".

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Predicting origami-inspired programmable self-folding of hydrogel trilayers

Imitating origami principles in active or programmable materials opens the door for development
of origami-inspired self-folding structures for not only aesthetic but also functional purposes. A
variety of programmable materials enabled self-folding structures have been demonstrated across
various fields and scales. These folding structures have finite thickness and the mechanical
properties of the active materials dictate the folding process. Yet formalizing the use of origami

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Second Reminder: EML Special Issue on 3D Assembly by Cutting, Bending and Folding

Special Issue on 3D Assembly by Cutting, Bending and Folding in Extreme Mechanics Letters

When patterned with different materials, gradients or cut-outs, thin structures such as sheets and rods can bend or fold either spontaneously or by actuation in response to a force or stimulus to form a pre-designed three dimensional structure. This special issue addresses the design and mechanics of these structures with a special emphasis on programmability and non-linearity.  

Manuscript Submission:

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Hydrogenation-Assisted Graphene Origami (HAGO)

Hydrogenation-Assisted Graphene Origami and Its Application in Programmable Molecular Mass Uptake, Storage, and Release 

Shuze Zhu and Teng Li, ACS Nano, 8 (3), pp 2864–2872 (2014)

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