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mechanical metamaterial

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Ph.D. position @ University of Trento (Italy)

1 Ph.D. position (36 months) within the research activity related to the PI ERC Consolidator Grant "SFOAM" will be funded by and available at the University of Trento (Italy). 

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Call for Abstracts - Mechanical Metamaterials (IMECE 2023)

Mechanical Metamaterials (ASME IMECE 2023)

Topic 04-03 (Materials) or Topic 12-07 (Applied Mechanics)

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Call for Papers and Abstracts, ASME IMECE 2017, November 3-9, 2017 (Tampa, Florida) Topic 12-1: Mechanical Metamaterials

Call for Papers and Abstracts

Track 12: Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Fluids


2017 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition

Tampa, Florida, November 3-9, 2017


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