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3D fracture

Project Positions in Fracture Mechanics (IIT Delhi)

I am looking to fill a few project positions in the next couple of months on the following topics in Fracture Mechanics at the Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi:

Required skills for all positions are excellent fundamentals in solid mechanics and good technical writing skills. Desirable skills are bracketed.

P-1. Molecular dynamics simulation of fracture in amorphous solids (Programming and LAMMPS)

P-2. XFEM simulation of fracture in brittle solids (Programming and FEM)

Why Positive and Negative J-integral values by ANSYS?

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I did evaluation of J-integral distribution along a 3D semi-elliptical internal surface crack in a thick-walled pressure vessel using ANSYS APDL. The results I got included positive and negative values. Sometimes the values were all positive or negative and in other cases, negative and positive values were combined. What could be the interpretation of negative and positive values in ANSYS. I seriously seek assistance from someone.


Post-doc position damage/fracture (position filled, thank you)

To improve further computational tools for fracture, we need a 

talented phd. We are developping transition models from damage

to fracture  for several type of materials (quasi-brittle and ductile).

The position will be open until filled. Please send me your CV

if you are interested. 

The theoretical framework is the Thick Level Set model for damage (TLS)

and the numerical implementation uses level sets and the extended

finite element  method (X-FEM).

The research team currently gathers 9 persons.

Cellular Automata for Multi-scale Fracture

Could cellular automata be used to model mechanisms (for quasi-brittle fracture) that occur at the meso-scale and then feed these mechanisms to a macro-scale finite element model? Is it possible to replace constitutive models with mechanistic models, simulating mechanisms that lead to fracture instead of formulating equations that predict failure? These are typical questions that have motivated my recent collaboration with Dr Anton Shterenlikht at the University of Bristol.

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Can any one provide any apdl code to perform automatic fatigue crack growth ??

Hi, I am using Ansys Apdl for 3d fatigue crack growth. I need any one code to understand how it can be automized (recreating crack with node shift and remeshing).


Thank you

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A paper on stochastic multiscale fracture analysis of three-dimensional functionally graded composites

Given link is for a new moment-modified polynomial dimensional decomposition (PDD) method developed for stochastic multiscale fracture analysis of three-dimensional, particle-matrix, functionally graded materials (FGMs) subject to arbitrary boundary conditions.

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