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composite delamination

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PhD scholarship: Predicting delamination damage in the machining of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) composites

Start Date: 1st September 2016

Duration: 4 years

Stipend: Tax free stipend of £18,000 per year, plus all tuition fees paid at UK/EU rates. 

Supervisors: Dr Jose Curiel-Sosa (Dept of Mechanical Engineering), Dr Kevin Kerrigan and Dr Vaibhav Phadnis (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre).

Applications deadline: 7th December 2015.

Project Description

Abaqus: Composite delamination with cohesive elements



I have to do a FEA regarding impact damage and delamination propagation in a CFRP specimen.

I have to do this using cohesive element in order to see the propagation of the delamination front in the material.

My problem is that I don't know how to do this in Abaqus.

I'll better explain: I can use this software but is the first time approching composite behavior and I really don't know how to model that.

maxim safe size of delamination in composites using ansys/ abacus

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I would like to calculate maxim safe size of delamination in composites using ansys/abacus.

I went through the forums here found that cohesive zone modeling & vcct techniques are being used only in ABACUS. Is it not possible in ANSYS APDL?

If not please can somebody provide me tutorial of ABACUS regarding interfacial cracks.  Also which one better VCCT or Cohesive zone modeling for an existing crack.


energy balance of surface-based cohesive of composite under impact in Absqus 6-10

Hi there! I am really new to Abaqus and I need to model a composite
laminated crash cone under impact to a flat solid wall (analytical
surface is used). I modelled a cone with a layers of conventional shell
elements with hashin failure criteria and surface-based cohesive
behaviour as interaction between layers representing the interface of
composite laminates. The model runs successfully but once I checked the
energy balance, the damage dissipation energy from the cohesive, it
turned out to be NEGATIVE (I think this is wrong).

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How to assign cohessive material to a surface?

Dear friends

I am modelling composite delamination using ABAQUS, i used 3D elementsin my model. my question is that how can i assign cohesive properties to a cohesive surface between to solids?

Should i treat the cohesive section like a continuum with thickness?

Is there any way exept the last one?

Is there any other aproach to  model delamination?which one is better?



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