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numerical modeling

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PhD position in multi-scale modeling of sea ice deformation

We are looking for a doctoral student to work multi-scale modeling of sea ice deformation on numerical modeling of ridging of sea ice by using discrete element method. Large-scale continuum models are typically used to study ice behavior with a resolution of some tens of kilometers. These models do not accurately describe small-scale processes related to deformation and failure of ice. In such models, the ice properties, such as compressive strength are tuned so that the models to present observed ice behavior. Predictive power of the models suffers from this.

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Two PhD positions in Aalto University

Ice Mechanics Group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Aalto University is looking for two motivated doctoral students to work on numerical modeling and experiments on sea ice interacting with offshore wind farm. Novel numerical models for sea ice behavior and failure form a central part of the research by our group. Also we have a world unique experimental facility, Aalto Ice and Wave Tank.

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PhD position in numerical ice mechanics, Aalto University, Finland

We are looking for a doctoral student to work on numerical modeling of ridging of sea ice. Ridging is central to understanding the behavior of sea ice from scales varying from tens of meters up to hundreds of kilometers and has a close connection to sea ice dynamics models, which have an important role in predicting the effects of climate change. The applicant should be advanced in solid and computational mechanics and have at least average programming skills.

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Post-doctoral research associate and Graduate student openings

A postdoctoral and graduate student openings with the main focus on the mechanics of composites materials are available immediately in Shakiba's group. We are looking for strongly motivated candidates to work on an AFOSR supported project on 1) thermo-mechanical damage coupling in FRPs, 2) simulation of additively manufactured composites and 3) sensitivity and machine learning for damage predictions.

What fatigue damage model do you suggest to use in numerical simulations?

I want to simulate fatigue damage of foams (like PVCs). What fatigue damage model do you suggest? What model is regularly used in Industry? is there any one who simulate fatigue damage in Abaqus? Any information is welcomed...  Thanks in advance

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PhD position in computational solid mechanics

Aalto University (Finland), Department of Mechanical Engineering, is looking for a doctoral student for a study on the breakage and fragmentation of ice blocks under compressive loads. The fragmentation process is complicated and requires the use of novel modelling methods that can be used reliably on different scales. In addition to the computational work, we will perform experiments on this topic.

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looking for phd position in computational mechanics


am looking for a phd position in compututional mechanics i have a good backgroun in numercial simulation and mathematical modeling with MS in mechanical engineering i was working in many topic from material modeling (dammage ,metal forming ...) composite modeling and simulation (continue element of composite shell in high frequency,hommoginazation method crush simulation ,... ) i have a experience in biomechanic modeling and simulation 

i have a good programming skills : fortran c++,python 

finite element ,boundary element,xfem

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Phase field modeling of damage and fracture in polycrystalline materials, support from the Chinese Scholarship Council

The ability of scientists and engineers to exploit, design and process new materials with improved properties has often been fundamental for the technological advances of societies. In fact, advances in many key domains like aerospace, automotive industry, energy, nanotechnology, rely on our ability to engineer new materials and to exploit their properties.

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PhD position in numerical modelling of landslides and generated seismic waves at IPGP Paris

We are looking for a PhD
student to work on Numerical modelling of landslides and generated seismic waves.
This PhD is funded by the European project ERC SLIDEQUAKES.


Anne Mangeney
Professor of Geosciences at University Paris Diderot, PRES SPC
Head of the Seismology Group, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

Ph.D. position in the framework of FP7-Marie Curie-ITN Endure

Institution:  POLITECNICO di MILANO – Italy

Ph.D. Supervisor:  Prof. Valter Carvelli

Funding Availability: 
FP7-Marie Curie-ITN Endure

Deadline application: Aprili 29th, 2014

Ph.D. position

(Early-Stage Researcher) of 36 months, in the framework of EU Marie
Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN Endure (see

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Journal of Multifunctional Composites (JMC) – accepting manuscript submissions for 2013

The Journal of Multifunctional Composites is accepting manuscripts for publication in 2013. Please click on the URL below to read more about the journal and its aims and scope. Articles belonging to the first issue will start appearing online in January 2013. Three issues are planned for 2013 (April, July, and October).

Gaurav Nilakantan
Journal of Multifunctional Composites

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Post-doctoral position in bio-inspired armor systems at McGill University

I have an open position for a Post-doctoral researcher in the area of biomimetics and novel ceramic composite armor designs, starting immediately.  

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