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PhD position in multi-scale modeling of sea ice deformation

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We are looking for a doctoral student to work multi-scale modeling of sea ice deformation on numerical modeling of ridging of sea ice by using discrete element method. Large-scale continuum models are typically used to study ice behavior with a resolution of some tens of kilometers. These models do not accurately describe small-scale processes related to deformation and failure of ice. In such models, the ice properties, such as compressive strength are tuned so that the models to present observed ice behavior. Predictive power of the models suffers from this. Engineering-scale ice mechanics, on the other hand, is performed on scales ranging from one meter to one kilometer, where continuum approach does not suffice, but ice failure processes must be modelled in detail. The aim of this research is to create links between large-scale and engineering-scale sea ice modeling: What can we learn from engineering-scale simulations that can be used to improve the accuracy of large-scale simulations?

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