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Mesh generation

Simpleware Training Courses, Reading, UK, May 9-10 2017

Simpleware software

We're running fundamental and advanced training courses on Simpleware software on May 9th and 10th at the Synopsys Reading Training Centre.

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Three open positions for Ph.D.

Pr. Remacle has recently received an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. The aim of the research is to work

on hexahedral mesh generation, including parallel meshing, boundary layer meshing and GPU-based meshing. Three (or more) open positions

for a Ph.D. mandate are open. Candidates should directly contact Jean-François Remacle (



ABAQUS Element Connectivity


I am trying to mesh the hollow sphere attachged using structured BRICK-8 elements. It turns out in order to have a structured mesh, I have to have 2 partitions such that four quadrants be generated.

What I only need from ABAQUS is the element connectivity. I do not need to solve any problem.

The Dept of Eng Sci at Uppsala University is looking for a project worker in structural modeling of the 17th century Vasa Ship

The Swedish
17th century Vasa ship is unique in its kind and of high cultural
and historical interest. Therefore, interdisciplinary research teams are
constantly busy to keep the slowly degrading and deforming warship in good
geometrical shape. Initiated in 2012, the latest research project aims to
investigate creep in the Vasa ship and to develop a new support system for
improved dimensional stability. For this purpose a finite element model will be
created to assess the effect of varying geometrical parameters and material
properties. One of the key aspects is the influence of the joints of the ship

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how to edit/correction mesh (in ansys workbench)?


i want to analysis a model in anasys workbench with modal analysis.but i Encountered to problem.Bad mesh generation (as you see in the below figure) happened that i don know how to solve it,could anyone help me ?




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Fractal surface mesh generation

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

I would like to know a suitable way to generate meshs for fractal surfaces and export them to be used in FEM computations.

Thank you for any help.

Mesh generation

I have a big problem with meshing.



Post-doc at the University of Liège : Simulation of micro/nano-structured materials described by 3D tomography

Post-doc at the University of Liège : Simulation of micro/nano-structured materials described by 3D tomography

The tasks involved in this position include geometrical analysis of the
3D images, generation of datasets which are suitable for the computations
(meshes, level-sets fields ...), computations using novel numerical techniques
(X-FEM and related)

More details & contact information at

PhD position : hex mesh generation

Two PhD studentships opportunities are available at the Universite catholique de
Louvain in Belgium for outstanding candidates.
The aim of the project is to develop a novel approach for generating
dominant hex meshes for general/complex 3D models. The approach will be based
both a generalisation of Lloyd's algorithm and on the resolution of some kind of
PDE in the domain in order to compute distances, curvatures, surface
geodesics... We look here for an indirect approach i.e. we first generate the
points and then reconnect them. All the developments will be done in the
framework of gmsh (
Successfull candidates should have a strong background in applied
mathematics/numerical methods for CFD. Some knownledge of mesh generation

Announcement: Moceon launches new website

Moceon; world leading experts in high quality all hexahedral meshing, today announces the launch of their website

Based on the Spatial Twist Continuum, which was discovered by the founder in 1992, a new method has been developed into a commercial level software package that is being rolled out first as a premium high quality hex meshing service.

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Some numerical mechanics software

Recently, during one of my net searches, I came across this page of RPI, where I learnt about a couple of numerical mechanics software which might be of interest to some of you.


As for the effort toward the scalable engineering simulations on distributed environements, we addressed this challenge by developing a distributed mesh data management infrastructure that satisfies the needs of distributed domain of applications.

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