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WCFA2016-VFA – Workshop on Vibration Fatigue Analysis

Dear iMechanicians,

I would like to inform you about the workshop WCFA2016-VFA, which is this year organized with the focus set on Vibration Fatigue Analysis. The workshop will be held at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic from November 8 to November 10, 2016. The introductory lessons in the first day will be presented by Prof Darrell Socie, Prof Milan Ruzicka and Dr Jan Papuga, while the main topic - Vibration Fatigue Analysis - will follow in next two days and will be covered by Dr Neil Bishop.

Help with a LS DYNA compression test model

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I amtrying to model a simple compression test om a foam cube with LS DYNA. I have tried a lot of different approaches but there is always something wrong in the model :(. I have managed to get on model up and running, but i am having problems with excessive penetrations! Do anyone have any idea how to fix this?

I have includef the .k file as a text file to this post.

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Bifurcation Analysis in Abaqus

Hello Everyone,

Im relatively new to Abaqus and I have to carry out a bifurcation analysis of a pipe. Once that is done I need to add the imperfection wavelength and amplitude calculated to the pipe and carry out further simulations.


Ive been trying very hard to get a direction as to where to start with it. Can anyone please help me with it? I know that you need to carry out a buckle analysis that will give you a wrinkle pattern on the pipe. This inturn will add up to the bifurcation scheme that you get.


Looking for work done on multiple holes in composite plates

Hi all,

 I am looking for any literature on the solution the analysis of composite plates with multiple holes in them. I have been able to find plenty of information about single holes in composite plates but none on multiple hole interaction, hence this call for help.


Thank you in advance,


NAFEMS NA 2008 Regional Summit: NAFEMS 2020 Vision of Engineering Analysis and Simulation (Hampton, VA - Oct. 29-31, 2008)

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming NAFEMS North American 2008 Regional Summit: NAFEMS 2020 Vision of Engineering Analysis and Simulation. This is an excellent opportunity for academic researchers, industrial practitioners and software developers to meet for mutual benefit.

For those of who you not familiar with NAFEMS, it is a non-profit, vendor neutral, engineering analyis community.

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