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Computational Fracture Mechanics

Modelling and evaluating multiple constituent alloys in LAMMPS

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I have the following questions.

  1. How to model alloy in LAMMPS? How to automatically randomize the position of atoms of various types?
  2. Also how to evaluate the mechanical properties such as Elastic modulus and Fracture toughness?
  3. Is it possible to model interface fracture using LAMMPS?
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Unified Mechanics Theory

Recently, I guest-edited a special issue of the journal Entropy on Unified Mechanics Theory and related topics. All published papers are available for free download from the link below.


Open PhD position in Micromechanics of White Etching Cracks

A 3-year PhD position in Micromechanics of White Etching Cracks is available at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). More details about the project ideally starting during the spring of 2018 can be found at:

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Crack tip mesh size - Interface cracks ?

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Hello everybody,

                   I am working on FE Simulation of interface cracks. To this end, I use modified VCCT, CSDEM and other such methods to determine mesh independent strain energy release rate (G) and Mode mixity (ψ). Now I have a fundamental doubt.

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Two PhD positions in computational mechanics at the University of Tennessee

Two PhD positions are currently available in the Computational Laboratory for the Mechanics of Interfaces at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville ( Research topics are in the following areas:


1. Modeling of aluminum alloys using dislocation density based crystal plasticity methods.

2. Fracture in composite materials using a Discontinuous Galerkin method for debonding


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Postdoc position is available at Columbia University

POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH SCIENTIST – Mechanics and Fracture of ice sheets

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