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Dynamic Failure

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2019 ASME Congress invitation-Dynamic failure of materials and structures

interfacial crack initiated from a polymer notch (click here to view this YouTube video from our experiment),     read more below to submit your abstracts

Prof. Jun Xu, Dr. Scott Grutzik, and I organize one topic on “Dynamic failure of materials and structures” for 2019 ASME Congress. We invite you, your colleagues and group members to submit short abstracts before ASME’s deadline of Feb 25, 2019. More details below: 

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Prediction of failure in loaded thin steel plates


Hello everyone,


I am curretly working on predicting the failure in thin loaded plates. The plates are impacted by a hemispherical rigid cylinders at a low speed (4.53 m/s <--> Free fall from 1.05 meter) and are perforated experimentally at their center.

I tried to simulate failure with ls-dyna on a shell based model ( the sheet is very thin : 1 mm thickness Vs  130 x 130 mm ), but it seems that the failure strain measured on the tensile tests is underestimated ( the curves after the begining if necking are false).

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Post-doctoral positions at the University of Texas at Austin

There are three post-doctoral openings at the Research Center for Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Materials at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Post-doctoral position in bio-inspired armor systems at McGill University

I have an open position for a Post-doctoral researcher in the area of biomimetics and novel ceramic composite armor designs, starting immediately.  

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Program available for 3rd IC Engineering Failure Analysis

The full program for the 3rd International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis is available at Join your peers and take advantage of the 15% "early bird" discount by registering for this popular and well-received single stream meeting before 30 April. The conference takes place July 13-16 in the beautiful coastal town of Sitges, just a few miles from Barcelona's international airport. 

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