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contact problems

Have someone met a strange behavior of Load-Displacement curve in a simple 2D indentation problem

I am modelling a very simple 2D contact problem between a rigid wedge indenter and a deformable squared-shape specimen (general steel material) in frictionless contact case. I used an implicit function f to describe the rigid indenter.

I implemented Lagrange multiplier method for this contact problem and the contact condition is: Inside the contact zone of the deformable specimen, the node set is active if f(node)<=0 and the Lagrange multiplier lambda<=0.

Modeling contact problem in ABAQUS

Dear all,
In my FE model (pin on disc), I would like to define a contact property between pin and disc with a friction defination available in ABAQUS. I have assumed that friction coefficient depends on parameters like slip rate, pressure and temperature only. When i used friction coefficients with slip rate and pressure, model works without any error but if i use friction coefficients with slip rate, pressure and temperature, the model doesn't work and come up with following errors;

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Contact issues in abaqus

Hi All,

I am dealing with contact problems. Can you please post if you have any information on how to resolve the general contact problems.

 thanks and Regards,


contact problem

hi all,

my name is christian, i'm a master degree student in mechanical engineering. i've been doing a swaging  process simulation using MSC.MARC, but i have a problem.when i ran the simulation, there were some node or element that penetrated into the other element and/or rigid body. i tried to change the value of contact tolerance and mesh, but i got the same result (pentrated still happened). what should i do to solve this problem?should i use mesh adaptivity? please help me ^^


An overview of bio-mechanical models for bones and related topics

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a good comprehencive overview about bio-mechanics and numerical simulation in

bio-mechanics. I'm mainly interested in the following topics:

-- mathematical models for bone simulation

-- contact problems and corresponding models (e.g., bone-prosthesis models, etc.)

-- corresponding numerics/simulations

and corresponding state-of-the-art.

Thanks in advance! 


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