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von Karman plate equations

Many of us (including myself) have used the nonlinear equations for elastic plates, originally proposed by von Karman (1910). I recently came across a book with some interesting comments about the plate equations, which may be of interest to share with others on imechanica. The book's title is "Plates and Junctions in Elastic Multi-Structures", authored by Philippe G. Ciarlet and published by Springer-Verlag in 1990.

Successful people will choose Ed Hardy

ed hardy Clothing was getting out to everyone and I noticed, in certain areas, that people were really into this shit. I thought it was a little weird mostly. Why? Because its based on a tattoo artist by the name of Don Ed Hardy. Christian Audigier was pretty much making shirts based of his tattoos. I admit, I do like Don Ed Hardy’s tattoos on people but not on clothes. Don’t get it twisted. I found the tattoo concept interesting. But it only appeals to me it as a coloring book on a shirt.

traditional concrete model VS damage concrete model

In my opioion, the traditional concrete model is taking the smeared cracking concept to deal with the tensile cracking and using the elastoplastic method to deal with the compressive softening.

We can find that recently the CDM based concrete model become a hot research subject.

But what are the advantages of the CDM-based?

Thank you very much!

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need help in Ansys static analysis

sir ,i ahve some problems in use ansys element CERIG,MPC 184 and RB3 elements....what is difference in transfering loads to slave nodes using MPC184 elements and command CERIG and RBE3 ..


and also why mass21 elements are required if u defining coonection usimg CERIg and RBE3 command..


plz...advice and clarify my doubts to understand better..


thanks and regards..



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How can I model a bridge which consits of a small beam of composite that surrounded with ceramic layer

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Hi dear

I am going to model a bridge in dental work which it consists of two parts:

1: a small beam which it is made of composite 5 plys

2: a cramic part which surround the beam.

I want to model it with Abaqus. Please help me if you can. I'd appreciate if you help me and send its steps to my email:


USNCTAM Address 2009

Check out the talk by Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr., Director , National Science Foundation 
on TAM 


For the proceedings of the 2008 SBE&S workshop go to

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President Obama on the Necessity of Science (video)

Obama spoke at the National Academy of Sciences on Apr. 27, 2009, in which he states his commitment to doubling of science funding and stem education. From his speech,

 "At such a difficult moment, there are those who say we cannot afford to invest in science, that support for research is somehow a luxury at moments defined by necessities.  I fundamentally disagree.  Science is more essential for our prosperity, our security, our health, our environment and our quality of life than it has ever been before."

Einstein's birthday, the PI day

The day before yesterday, Mar. 14 (3.14), was a great date, because Albert Einstein was born at the same day 130 years ago.

I and my wife enjoyed a very good holiday that day in Taipei. Most interestingly, we found a vivid statue of Einstein made by Ju Ming, stood still in front of the Chen-Ping (eslite) bookstore.

We took several photos around this statue. Here I share one of them with you.

An ice block submerged in the water, if the ice melts level of water What will Happen

An ice block submerged in the water, if the ice melts level of water Whatwill be the level of water .

1. Increase

2. Remain Same

3. Decrease

This is my first 2009 article

Now I come here again.

From now on I want to share with you my research experiences and personal opinion on  time dependent quantum system, photonic/sonic crystals, and metamaterials.  I would also like to write some articles on science teaching stuff.

I come from Taiwan. Usually I speak chinese, and have no many oppernituties to practice my English, so I wish someone can help me to improve my English. Thanks !



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Book Review

Micromechanics---loosely speaking, is the study of heterogeneities in materials and its consequences for material or continuum behavior. This encompasses studies of inclusions, dislocations, cracks or more generally defects. A related problem is that of "coarse-graining" or in other words the effective homogenized properties of a heterogeneous material. The latter is a recurring theme in all of physical sciences not just solid mechanics. Micromechanics, a formidable subject by all means, dominated a substantial part of the history of solid mechanics. Several of our Timoshenko awardees have been associated with this subject, e.g. Eshelby, Hill, Keller, Irwin, Rice among others.

composite material in ansys workbench 11


I want to model a composite material (e.g. frp) elbow in ansys workbench 11. How can I define the material?

thanks a lot


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Near-incompressible analysis

Hello all,

I am studying some simple finite elements for 2d near-incompressible analysis. Particularly, I am interested in the MINI element. It is basically a 3-node triangle element with nodal pressure and displacement degree of freedoms enriched by a bubble function. Could someone that has some experience with these elements point me out about advantages and drawbacks of using these type of elements?



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Why do we often use Jaumann rate instead of Truesdell rate?

In the attachment, we show that Truesdell rate can by simplified to Green-Naghdi rate by assuming F .=. R and can be further simplified to Jaumann rate by assuming W .=. R(.)R(T), where .=. means approximately equal

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Load-displacement curves

I am trying to simualet Indentation Hardness Testing in ABAQUS and feeling like that there is some problem in my model.

Whenever I try to plot load-displacement curves it gives me bumps in the curve. Any idea, what should I do?

Should I reduce mesh size, I have done but then it gives me error with step size and so on.,

a littel help with composite analysis with ansys


i am completely new using ansys for composites. any suggestions regarding 'how to start' and 'what to refer' will be of great help for me.

please anyone help me out with this, i has to do 'fatigue analysis of composite laminate' as the part of my project work.

thanks in advance.


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Is imechanica evolving into mechanics.craigslits?

Lately I am feeling like imechanica is becoming a craigslist for mechanics than a forum. Most recent blogs are simply ads that do not generate any discussion. Neither do questions from people get any reply, not any where near to what it used to be.

The last journal club had about five or so replies and the current one has no comment with two days to end.

Is it just me or does any body else feel the same too? I feel we have to think about how we can have a community here than just a repository of mechanics related stuff.  

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Female Science Professor-- blog and book

Nature recently favorably reviewed a new self-published book, based on a blog , by a "female physical sciences professor" in the US.  While the overarching theme is clearly about being a female in a male-dominated world, the writings on the blog (and in the book) are in many places general and provide lots of good advice and anecdotes about acadmic life.  The

Book for beam theory

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Can any one suggest me book for detailed study for Timoshanko And Euler Burnoulli Beam theory?

CONTACT set up in irregular surface.-analysis in Ansys

Hi all, i am the final semester student in.Struc Mecha.For my final
project i have to model combine sheet pile with  FEM. i used ansys for
set up the model. Combination of AZ,HZ n RZ profile were developed
sheet pile. In my modelling i applied frictional contact to define all
the connection between two parts. When i run my calculation, it does
not converged when body get  contact. I was applied spring and small
load step in set up.but still does not work too..if anybody have any


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