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stress analysis

Simpleware Case Study: Fuel Cell Microstructure from FIB Data

In this case study, based on work carried out at Imperial College and University College London, research was carried out into the performance of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The microstructure of an SOFC electrode was obtained using FIB tomography, and a volume mesh generated in Simpleware software, with the model then exported to Abaqus CAE. Boundary conditions were set in the solver and stress analysis conducted, which were able to approxiamte peak maximum principal stresses in response to thermal expansion.

True Stress-Strain curve of metals

Hi everyone!

I was hopping to find some help over here. I just need some references or links to the true stress-strain curves of differents metals. I'm working with Tin and i'm going to do run some compression test to valid an analitic method. In order to do this, I need the strain-hardening exponent (n) and the strength coefficient (C) and it's being impossible to find those.

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Stress Analysis (Static & Dynamic test) of ISO Tank Container

Dear Colleagues,
I'm trying to model the ISO tests (as per ISO 1496-3) for a tank container subjected to static and dynamic loading using finite element technique. Regrading this work sufficient research papers are not available. Another thing is that, for fail-safe design and fatigue analysis there is no such documents known to me. Can you please help me in this regard?
Guidance from experienced colleague is highly solicited.

PhD Studentship: In-situ quantification of interphase stress during martensitic transformations, Open University, UK

Fully funded PhD studentship at The Open Univeristy campus, Milton Keynes, UK. The aim of this project is to optimise experimental techniques such as digital image correlation (DIC) and focused ion beam (FIB) hole drilling to investigate the micro scale stresses and strains occurring during martensitic transformations. The techniques will be applied to a range of materials from simple steels to complex shape memory alloys. There will also be scope within the project to study martensitic alloys using central facilities such as the ILL, ESRF and Diamond light source.

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Coconuts, Blood Cells, Snail Armor - What do they have in common?

As the 2010 SIMULIA Customer Conference approaches, it reminds me of a thought-provoking presentation given by Dale Berry of SIMULIA at the 2009 SCC in London.

He reminded the audience, of engineers and researchers, that Realistic Simulation is not only good for evaluating mechanical behavior of product performance, but it’s also an indespenible tool for driving innovative research that improves our lives and society.

boundary value problems

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Hi All, thanks in advance for any replies.

I am currently doing my Thesis on fast stress analysis using the boundary element method and specifically, adaptive cross approximation. I ofter come across the terms "single layer potential" and "double layer potential", i "know" what they are mathematically, i was wondering if anyone could give me an insight into what they mean physically, or just give a simple non mathematical definition? Thanks a lot, Ian.

please help!! two solid mechanics problem relating stress, gears etc.


i am having problems solving two solid mechanics problems... can anyone please help??? the problems are:


Question 4:

A 2380 Nm torque is applied to gear D due to input torque from the motor at A, as shown in figure 4. Shafts 1 and 2 are both solid steel, 44 mm in diameter and 600 mm long. Gear B has a diameter of 250 mm and gear C has a diameter of 350 mm. The shear modulus G for steel is 80GN/m^2


Find out:

A Note on Stereology

The best place to start is Wikipedia:

Most active research in stereology is done in medical and biological community.

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Elastoplastic Indentation Stress Field

This model has a simple closed-form analytical expression, matching with finite element results nearly perfectly.

Ref: G. Feng, S. Qu, Y. Huang and W.D. Nix, An analytical expression for the stress field around an elastoplastic indentation/contact, Acta Materialia, V.55, 2007, P2929-2938.

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Italian stress analysis AIAS conference in Ischia --- call for papers Sept.

dear Imechanica users,

a wonderful location for our annual italian conference in stress analysis -- see It is organized by our collegues in Università di Napoli, Prof. Renato Esposito. Attached the call for papers in PDF, and more info are below.

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