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Ansys- scripting for defining material properties

Hi every one,

I am new in ansys and I have a problem,I will be glad if you help me find the solution for it. I want to model a poly crystalline material and I have some problems in defiing material properties. For each grain the material properties is a function of grain size. So for each grain I need to calculate grain volume and use that value to calculate the plastic flow stress and true strain. I want to write a script in ansys to calculate the volume of each grain, calculate the properties and assigh a material with that property to each grain. Can any one help me ?

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Abaqus Script Manual/Tutorial

I have written a introduction manual/tutorial on Abaqus Scripting. I got some good feedback from my colleagues. Therefore, I would like to share the manual.The manual should give a short introduction (it will not take more than one hour) to Abaqus script in Python.

You can find the manual here:

Abaqus Script Manual

Via the same link you can also find more information on the connection between Matlab and Abaqus

Good luck!

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