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User material subroutine for Johnson Cook Model in LS DYNA

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I need to edit user subroutine for existing Johnson Cook model (MAT_015) in LS DYNA. I have downloaded object files. However, I could not find any subroutine file for MAT_015. I need to edit the model and add 2 more parameters to increase its accuracy. Creating it from scratch is really a lengthy task. Can anyone help me in this regard? Thank you. 

Ansys- scripting for defining material properties

Hi every one,

I am new in ansys and I have a problem,I will be glad if you help me find the solution for it. I want to model a poly crystalline material and I have some problems in defiing material properties. For each grain the material properties is a function of grain size. So for each grain I need to calculate grain volume and use that value to calculate the plastic flow stress and true strain. I want to write a script in ansys to calculate the volume of each grain, calculate the properties and assigh a material with that property to each grain. Can any one help me ?

Shape Memory Polymer FEM Ansys

Hello everyone,

I hope to find an answer to my problem in this forum.

I'm working on the finite element model of a SMP in order to predict the recovery shape after heating. I'm in trouble about the material properties of this kind of polymer. I run tensile stress test, DMA and TMA in order to characterise the material. However I didn't succeed to write the good command in Ansys to get a shape memory effect.

Does anyone of you has knowledges about SMP ?


Thank you very much,


Number of elements in a vectorized subroutine into LS DYNA

Dear all,

I'm writting an usermat into a vectorized subroutine in LS DYNA. The implementation is a non-local model based on an avarage of the strains.

For the implementation I need to know the strains for all the elements at each iteration to compute the non-local strains of all the elements.

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