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Number of elements in a vectorized subroutine into LS DYNA

Dear all,

I'm writting an usermat into a vectorized subroutine in LS DYNA. The implementation is a non-local model based on an avarage of the strains.

For the implementation I need to know the strains for all the elements at each iteration to compute the non-local strains of all the elements.

In the vectorized subroutine (mat41v), the maximum number of elements in a block (vectorisation) is 136. My question is also how can I do to have acces at all the element informations (not only the elements in the current block) in the aim of perform the non-local quantities?

I know that some non-local models have been developped  into ABAQUS (VUMAT), and the VUMAT computation has the same limitation.

If you have some idea to help me....

Best regards 

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