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Postdoc Position in Computational Modeling of Growth and Remodeling Mechanisms

A postdoctoral fellowship position is available at the laboratory of Rafael Grytz, PhD, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, for 2 years, starting immediately. The candidate will be instrumental in developing computational methods to quantify and simulate growth and remodeling mechanisms in ocular conditions and diseases.

FROTRAN subrountines for ABAQUS in bone remodeling simulation

I'm new in the computer simulation of adaptive bone remodeling (Bone will adapt to the loads it is placed under). And I know many research cases of numerical model were implemented as FROTRAN subrountines for the software package ABAQUS: the bone material properties will be updated by the subroutine.

I know FROTRAN is excellent at handling large data sets for scientific coumputing and requires less resources, but I haven't learned the FROTRAN.I wonder what else irreplacable advantages of  FROTRAN in the bone remodeling? 

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Journal Club Theme of January 2012: Mechanics of Growth

"I can't understand how people are still working on growth. That stuff's all done." This was the beginning of the first lunch conversation at a recent Banff workshop on Mathematical Foundations on Mechanical Biology... somewhat frustrating for someone who is excited about growth. Fortunately, most of the presentations and discussions still focused on growth. Although "that stuff's all done".

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Adaptation of arteries to pressure changes

Arteries are living organs that can remodel themself in response to stress changes. Arterial remodeling is a big topic and this paper shows only a tip of the iceberg.

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