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Coefficient of Friction

Help in ABAQUS

Dear all,
In my FE model (pin on disc), I would like to define a contact property between pin and disc with a friction defination available in ABAQUS. I have assumed that friction coefficient depends on parameters like slip rate, pressure and temperature only. When i used friction coefficients with slip rate and pressure, model works without any error but if i use friction coefficients with slip rate, pressure and temperature, the model doesn't work and come up with following errors;

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Coefficient of Friction & Wear Testing of Plasma Coating

Wear Tribology TestingA major concern for plasma coatings is how wear resistant they will prove to be on the final product. Since

plasma coatings are a popular use for automobile engines, these coatings are tested through strenuous

conditions. If the coating on the engine itself wears off at a fast rate than the life expectancy of that

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