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Continuous Stribeck Curve Measurement Using Tribometer

Irvine, Calif., Oct 24, 2013 – Nanovea demonstrates for the first time the ability to measure a continuous Stribeck Curve. Using the Nanovea Tribometer advanced speed control, from 2000 to 0.01 rpm, within 10 minutes software monitoring provides a complete Stribeck Curve. Prior to this advancement a Stribeck Curve has been shown to be evaluated in a stepwise fashion requiring data stitching.

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Stribeck Curve Analysis Using Tribometer

When lubrication is applied to reduce the wear/friction of moving surfaces an increasing load can shift the lubrication from several regimes such as Boundary, Mixed and Hydrodynamic Lubrication. The fluid viscosity, the load that is carried by the two surfaces and the speed that the two surfaces move relative to each other combine to determine the thickness of the fluid film. It is this process that determines the lubrication regime. How the regimes react to friction is shown in what is called a Stribeck curve.

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Coefficient of Friction & Wear Testing of Plasma Coating

Wear Tribology TestingA major concern for plasma coatings is how wear resistant they will prove to be on the final product. Since

plasma coatings are a popular use for automobile engines, these coatings are tested through strenuous

conditions. If the coating on the engine itself wears off at a fast rate than the life expectancy of that

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