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Failure Criteria

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Susmel-Papuga sharp controversy about multiaxial fatigue criteria

I recently came across this sharp controversy between Papuga and Susmel on multiaxial fatigue criteria.  Papuga accuses Susmel of "picking up" data that he likes from the literature, disregarding other data... And of having some constants in the criteria that are set a posteriori as fitting parameters.   Do you know how this ended up?  Anyone else partecipated to the debate? 

 Comments on “A survey on evaluating the fatigue limit under multiaxial loading” by Jan...

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Modelling of fiber failure in Abaqus

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Fiber Modelling of fiber failure in Abaqus ABAQUS, Fiber failure, failure criteria , Fiber Composite  , composite I am presently working on modelling of fiber failure inof a composite lamina on ABAQUS. After researching a lot, Even after researching a lot, I haven't been able to find a damage criteria which  can depict natural failure in of a fiber. I do not want to induce a crack in it and break it or put in a cohesive layer. I want to break it as it breaks naturally. 

Mat_54_55 (LS DYNA material model)

I would like to know the difference between Effective Strain, Effective Plastic Strain and Effective Failure Strain.

Ansys Failure Criteria

Hello, I am trying to run a laminted composite plate in ansys. I have all the required mechanical properties and the know how to put some of the information. So far, the many trials I did i can't extract the failure criteria results. I want to know whether the plate fails in normal, shear or compression. I appreciate if someone can give me the map of how to get to that result and at what force. what are the step that i have to take in order to get there.



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