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Help me through please!- Need Guidance!


Dear All,

 I am a Masters Student in Material Science, I am supposed to do the Finite

Element modeling of PTFE material with few content of short carbon fibers. Could any of you please suggest the best,

 1.Modeling method, its

2.Material parameters and 

3.References of that best modeling method.


Would be really thankful and would be helpful for my studies as well. 



Raghu Raman Rajagopal



principal directions for 4th order tensor

Is it possible to find eigenvalues and principal directions for a 4th order tensor? How?

For a zero order tensor? for a first order tensor? for a third order tensor.........

many thanks

Modelling Ice deformation and fracture in Abaqus

Hello Abaqus Users,

I am new to Abaqus: I am trying to model formation and propagation of fractures in glacial ice (note: ice deformation mainly by plastic flow). I was wondering if anyone has modeled ice as a material exhibiting a nonlinear behavior, or possibly have a user subroutine for ice that I could use. Thanks in advance for any help.


hi , Gurson and Polymer PP hard to find the right way

i'm a new persone in this webside

i'de like to know more good things about Gurson model.

if u have any help

so , u can add me between ur friends

thx for ur help  

Nonconvergance of Reinforced Concrete Column Subjected to Monotonic Lateral Loading in ABAQUS


 My name is Eric and I am working on my MS thesis project.  I have been tasked with analyzing a reinforced concrete column specimen in Abaqus and comparing the analysis results with the experimental measurements.  The column is subjected to cyclic lateral loading. 

WANGMING LU's picture

Cracking growth prediction for a structure with creep and plasticity deformation

My question is how we can predict the crack growth rate and direction for a structure under cyclic loading in such a way that both plasticity and creep has been built in it.

How to ask a question on iMechanica

I've mostly had quite helpful responses from iMechanica participants whenever I've asked questions on this forum.  However, I've noticed that questions from several posters have gone unanswered.  I feel that there are two main reasons for that lack of response:

1) The questioner has not provided an adequate details by which they can be identified.  I generally don't like responding to a question posed by someone called xyz1983. 

Help with Ansys Tutorials


        I am looking to get some pointers on manual meshing using ANSYS workbench. I am not happy with the automesh results I am getting. I would like to discuss one on one via email. I am a real user and not a spammer. Anyone willing to discuss?



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