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Help with Ansys Tutorials


        I am looking to get some pointers on manual meshing using ANSYS workbench. I am not happy with the automesh results I am getting. I would like to discuss one on one via email. I am a real user and not a spammer. Anyone willing to discuss?




iam working ANSYS 11.0  for fracture mechanics.i want to create a 30mm slant crack at 15 degrees (or 30 degrees or 45 degrees or 60 degrees ,75 degrees and 90 degrees) for a beam of length 0f 300mm and height 100mm aqnd the thickness of the beam is 5mm(plane starain problem). iam getting problem in getting the coordinates for 15 degrees crack ,can anyone help me in this case how to get 15 degrees crack and how to get stress intensity factor for 15 degrees crack ,since crack is not parallel to x  or  y axis for a 15 degrees crack.anyone can help me by sending any tutorials of this kind or suggestion ,please help me.

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