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What would you choose as the Top 5 Equations? Top 10?

Equations are of central importance in all of science and engineering, but especially so in mechanics.

Even leaving aside algebraic equations, handbooks on PDEs alone list hundreds of equations. However, a few of these do stand out, either because they encapsulate some fundamental aspect of physics/science/engg., or because they serve as simpler prototypes for more complex situtations, or simply because they are so complex as to be fascinating by themselves. There might be other considerations too... But the fact is, some equations really do stand out as compared to others.

How to input LaTeX equations in iMechanica


Last time, when I saw one blog of , I thought it would be much more convenient if we can input some equations in iMechanica for discussion. When I make discussion about mechanics with colleagues, I would like to write down some equations on the blackboard or paper. For discussion based on the web blog, LaTeX equations will be helpful. And it would be better if one can input equations directly instead of uploading one picture after another.

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