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How to input LaTeX equations in iMechanica


Last time, when I saw one blog of , I thought it would be much more convenient if we can input some equations in iMechanica for discussion. When I make discussion about mechanics with colleagues, I would like to write down some equations on the blackboard or paper. For discussion based on the web blog, LaTeX equations will be helpful. And it would be better if one can input equations directly instead of uploading one picture after another.

To be honest, I have no idea how to input equations directly in iMechanica (maybe there is already some ways). But I found some simple ways to input LaTeX equations in my MSN Space for making some notes. The Basic idea is to use the functions provided by .

Here is how (probably most of you knew already).

(1) Add a picture

Try to insert one picture in the place where you want to add your equation. Use the editor or just modify the HTML file of your poster.

(2) Edit your link

The link of the inserted 'picture' should look like Your LaTeX Code &bg=ffffff&fg=000000&s=0

Some extra modifications of the LaTeX code are needed since it is in the link:

  • change space into '+'
  • change '+' into '%2B'

For example, is writen as 'f=x%2By'.
( f=x%2By&bg=ffffff&fg=000000&s=0 )

The last part is the information of the color and size (s=0) of the equation. If one leaves nothing, the equation is set to the default setting.


(3) Try something else

Original equation:


Change the size of the equations: 

s=1 . s=2 . s=3 ...


Slightly more complex equations:


It is not that difficult to input equations when blogging, at least for myself. This should also work when one wants to make comments. 


Yixiang Gan



equations in comments 

biplab's picture

There is one plugin available for Drupal specifically for this purpose. It's called DruTeX. Read about it at the following link.

DruTeX Group Page

DruTeX Project Page

This plugin has been developed under Summer Of Code initiative organised by Google. So you can expect it to be of higher standard than other plugins. I haven't tested this personally. But I guess this may solve the problem for iMechanica.

Site Admin(s) of iMechanica may give it a try. Smile

Best Regards,



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