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Writing tips

To students and junior researchers,

Together with Stephane Bordas (Luxembourg University) and Alban de Vaucorbeil (Deakin University, Australia), we have assembled a PDF ( outlining our our approach to writing articles on the field of computational mechanics. Also discussed are softwares used. We hope that it will be of help to students and junior researchers.

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TeX-based equation image generator

If you would like to include LaTeX equations in a presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote, or others), and have not found a good solution so far, then you might wan't to consider TeXclip.  It is on the web (no installation needed) and high-quality images of the TeX equations can be incorporated into a presentation rather seamlessly. I have been using TeXPoint so far, but do like the simple usage and the quality of the images that TeXclip generates.

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LATEX for Windows 7 ??

Somebody know something about the software LATEX for write in Windows 7? ..How or where get it or download it?.


How to input LaTeX equations in iMechanica


Last time, when I saw one blog of , I thought it would be much more convenient if we can input some equations in iMechanica for discussion. When I make discussion about mechanics with colleagues, I would like to write down some equations on the blackboard or paper. For discussion based on the web blog, LaTeX equations will be helpful. And it would be better if one can input equations directly instead of uploading one picture after another.

LaTeX and XML

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 


Most of us use LaTeX + BibTeX for writing papers and research reports. Personally, I use MS Word for other document types but not for research papers and reports---even if I mostly use Windows. In case it matters: I use MikTeX v. 2.4 as the main TeX technology platform; TeXnicCenter v. 1 Beta 6.21 or Texmaker v. 1.5 for editing; and JabRef v. 2.2 for the management of the BibTeX database, all on Win2K Pro.

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