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shear bands

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Localization and instability in sheared granular materials: Role of friction and vibration

Shear banding and stick-slip instabilities have been long observed in sheared granular materials. Yet, their microscopic underpinnings, interdependencies and variability under different loading conditions have not been fully explored. Here, we use a non-equilibrium thermodynamics model, the Shear Transformation Zone theory, to investigate the dynamics of strain localization and its connection to stability of sliding in sheared, dry, granular materials. We consider frictional and frictionless grains as well as presence and absence of acoustic vibrations.

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Prof. Jose E. Andrade to be awarded the 2006 Zienkiewicz medal

Professor Jose E. Andrade from Northwestern University is the
recipient of the 2006 Zienkiewicz medal awarded biennially by the
Institution of Civil Engineers from London. The award goes to Andrade
for his contribution entitled ' Capturing strain localization in dense
sands with random density' in IJNME 2006; 67:1531-1564 DOI:
10.1002/nme.1673 (link:

Our sincerest congratulations to Prof. Andrade!

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