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On the relevance of generalized disclinations in defect mechanics

Chiqun Zhang            Amit Acharya

The utility of the notion of generalized disclinations in materials science is discussed within the physical context of modeling interfacial and bulk line defects like defected grain and phase boundaries, dislocations and disclinations. The Burgers vector of a disclination dipole in linear elasticity is derived, clearly demonstrating the equivalence of its stress field to that of an edge dislocation. We also prove that the inverse deformation/displacement jump of a defect line is independent of the cut-surface when its g.disclination strength vanishes. An explicit formula for the displacement jump of a single localized composite defect line in terms of given g.disclination and dislocation strengths is deduced based on the Weingarten theorem for g.disclination theory at finite deformation. The Burgers vector of a g.disclination dipole at finite deformation is also derived.

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Simulation of the Ballistic Perforation of Aluminum Plates with Abaqus/Explicit - 2012

This Technology Brief describes Abaqus/Explicit
modeling of the ballistic impact of metal projectiles on metal targets.
It will demonstrate the utility of Abaqus/Explicit as a tool for
reducing the amount of experimental testing as well as assessing the
projectile residual velocities and time-resolved kinematics. 

References for Motion Groups

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I want to find a reference to learn about motion groups SE(N). Any recommendations will be appreciated. Regards, Deepak Trivedi

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Kinematics of a particle; co-ordinate systems

  • To introduce the concepts of position, displacement, velocity, and acceleration.
  • To study 3D particle motion.
  • To investigate particle motion along a curved path using different coordinate systems.

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