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HIEM to 3D Crack in FC-EMTE-MCs

Hypersingular Integral Equation Method to 3D Crack in Fully Coupled Electromagnetothermoelastic Multiphase Composites

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G.C.Sih _ Strain energy density theory

Mechanics of Fracture V1-7(1973-)

1. A special theory of crack propagation

2.A three-dimensional strain energy density factor theory of crack propagation

3.Strain energy density theory applied to plate bending problems

4.Dynamic crack problems _Strain energy density criterion

5. Strain  energy density and surface layer energy for blunted cracks or notches.

6.Failure of composites as predicted by  the strain energy density  theory

7.Experimental facture mechanics :strain energy density criterion



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Future of fracture mechanics

If possible,share your opinion (idea) about the future trend of fracture mechanics. Thanks!

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Mixed-mode flaws modelling at nanoscale in cell membrane system by time-domain hypersingular integral equation method

Cell membrane system has the protein-lipid-protein sandwich type structure. The membrane nanocomposites (PLP-MNs) typically exhibit pronounced nonlinear viscoplastic response under electro-thermo-elastic coupled incremental loads conditions.

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singular index for 3D crack(II&III mode )s in bimaterials

singular index for three-dimensiaonal mixed-mode cracks perpendicular to the bimaterilas interface 


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Multiple interacting three-dimensional flaws in electromagnetothermoelastic coupled multiphase composites by extended hypersing

This work presents extended hypersingular integral equation (E-HIE) method to analyze the multiple interacting three-dimensional mixed-mode flaws problem in electromagnetothermoelastic coupled multiphase composites (EMTE-CMCs) under extended electro-magneto-thermo-elastic coupled loads through intricate theoretical analysis and numerical simulations.


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