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Nikolaos I.Ioakimidis _introduce hypersingular integral equations into 3D fracture mechanics

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N.I.Ioakimidis.1982.Application of finite-part integrals to the singular integral equations of crack problems in plane and three-dimensional elasticity. Acta Mechanica.45. 31-47.

N.I.Ioakimidis.1983. A new singular integral equation for the classical crack problem in plane and antiplane elasticity. Int J fracture. 21. 115-122


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cynosure online

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J.Hadamard,1923.Lectures on Cauchy’s problem in linear partial differential equations. Yale University Press.

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F.Erdogan. Today mechanics IV.1-85

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Kazantakis,J.C.1979. General methods for the solution of certain three dimensional inclusion and crack problems in the classical theory of elasticity and thermoelasticity.(Dissertation)

hi bozing Zhu,

my name is zoher, i am an algerian student and i am working on boundary element method 

i want ot know how to compute singular kernels, so if you can send me any some lecture notes or articles it will be grate.

my email adress is 

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