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Can we use constitutive relation at micro/macro scale to molecules scale ?

Hi, everyone


Now I meet a problem, wish can obtain you help.


Now i do some research on multi-compose particle materials (eg. pharmaceutical science  materials)___predict the compressibility, compactibility, flow properties and  breakage behavior.

as we know, the molecular scale at 0.1-70nm scale and crystal growth process at 0.1-100nm scale, can i use the constitutive relationship at micro(=~um)/macro to analyze the performance and structure at this scale.


thanks ! 

Particle size and debonding stress

Hi everybody,

do you know where I can find some informations about the relation

between particle size and critical normal stress at the interface particle /matrix

for a particle embedded in a matrix?

I read the Chen's article 'Size effect of particles on the damage dissipation in nanocomposites'

but this article deals with spherical particles. I am studying clay/matrix nanocomposites and I would like to

calculate the relation between clay size and debonding stress.


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