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Piezoelectric composites

piezoelectric composite plate analysis using ansys

which element should i consider for the piezoelectric composite plate analysis in ansys. the lay up consists of top and bottom piezo layers and middle graphite epoxy? i want to apply sinusoidal voltage on top piezo layer and i need noidal deflections, please help in doing


PhD Student (Topology optimization for spatial distribution of piezo-ceramic transducers)

PhD Student in topology optimization for spatial distribution of piezo-ceramic transducers at 
Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, Advanced Materials & Structures (AMS), 29, avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg Kirchberg

Mission :

In the frame of collaboration between CRP Henri Tudor and the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and funded by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg (FNR), the tasks of this PhD study will include:

On the Possibility of Piezoelectric Nanocomposites without using Piezoelectric Materials

In a piezoelectric material an applied uniform strain can induce an electric polarization (or vice-versa). Crystallographic considerations restrict this technologically important property to non-centrosymmetric systems. It can be shown both mathematically and physically, that a non-uniform strain can potentially break the inversion symmetry and induce polarization even in non-piezoelectric dielectrics.

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