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fracture of graphene

Calculation of Elastic Modulus of Graphene in LAMMPS

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Hello everyone, I want to calculate elastic constants (C11, C22, C12, and C66) for a single layer graphene sheet by MD simulation in LAMMPS. I am using the following equation:


E = (C11*C22-C12*C21)/C22 and poisson ratio = C12/C22 from this paper:

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Modelling fracture of graphene using Griffith’s criterion and quantized fracture mechanics

In armchair graphene sheets, crack propagates perpendicular to the applied strain, whereas crack propagation in zigzag sheets occurs at an angle to the straining direction. This occurs due to different bond structure along armchair and zigzag directions as shown in Fig. 1. Videos 1 and 2 show the fracture of armchair and zigzag sheets, respectively.


Fig. 1: Armchair and zigzag directions of graohene

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