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Early Bird gets the...... Discount!

Way less gross than worms ;) Register today  for the SIMULIA Community Conference and save $200!

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STOP! Hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's goin' down............. in the SIMULIA Learning Community!

I think you all will be happy to hear a few amazing accomplishments that
occurred in 2013 in the SIMULIA Learning Community. We are so pleased
to announce that the SLC contains well over 12,000 members and is
growing daily - THANK YOU!!! These members include SIMULIA users,
advocates, academics, commercial customers, researchers and more!

Does the term "community standards" include such matters too? Or rather not?

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Please see the attachment

I guess, it is an example of as apersonal and unspirited a paper as can at all be produced.

More information is available by following the link:

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