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hip implants

Simpleware Case Study: Total Hip Replacement Implant Positioning

CAD and FE models of hip implants

Positioning hip implants poses a number of challenges, particularly in terms of getting bone and implant contact right. While experimental testing can be costly, image-based modelling can be very effective at predicting the best and worst positions for implants. 

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How safe are metal-on-metal hip implants? and are ceramic-on-ceramic safer? Or we will discover soon they are not?

Would you believe this story?

To me, that metal - on - metal had large friction, especially with the newest designs, it was clear from the old Sir Charnley studies in Leeds in 1950s published in his gold book. 

Anyway, when I looked at ceramic on ceramic joints, I also found evidence of increased friction.  Maybe ceramic debris is less toxic?

Please comment.  What can we do outside USA to improve the situation?

Michele Ciavarella 

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