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Direct Cyclic

Direct Cyclic Periodic Pressure Load

Could you please anyone help me to input Direct Cyclic Periodic Pressure Load.

I have a sine load of amplitude 50 kPa and frequency 5 Hz (ang. freq 31.42 rad/s).

I need to ramp my load to 100 kPa for 5 seconds and then to run the sine load of above amplitude with its mean load on 100 kPa. The sine load go for 10 seconds.

I try with Direct cyclic periodic pressure, but when I check the pressure on applied surface, the pressure not seems what I am applying.




Rotational Abaqus Direct Cyclic Boundary Condition


I am attempting to model the rotation of a cylindrical bar using Abaqus 6.12 coupled with the direct cylic approach. In my model I have one end of the beam fixed while the other has a kinematic coupling constraint to a reference point that has an applied rotation of 0.1 rad.

Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis in ABAQUS

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