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ABAQUS Cohesive Elements

Mixed mode cohesive zone model formulation in Abaqus

I am having some difficulty understanding the particulars of the implementation of Abaqus' cohesive zone model (CZM). I also see some differences in what is available in the Abaqus User's Guide (Section 32.5.6) and what is reported for Abaqus' CZM in highly regarded academic literature.

How to define initial stiffness matrix for cohesive elements in ABAQUS

I am trying to  model adhesive failure using cohesive elements in Abaqus. I need to define the elastic behaviour of elements using traction separation criteria.

So I wanted to know what is the E/Enn, G1/Ess and G2/Ett values for my adhesive(E=1650 MPa)?

Cohesive Element in ABAQUS


It is some time that I am struggling for making a physical interperation of the MAXSCRT in ABAQUS  and crack initiation.

When the MAXSCRT in ABAQUS in cohesive element is equal to 1, does it mean that the crack has been formed or just it means that irreversible deformation in the element has been formed?

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modeling cohesive element


 i am modelling a concrete beam with FRP bonded to beam with the adhesive. i hav tried to simulate adhesive using cohesive element Abaqus(from manual) for the past 2 months, but am getting missing  property definition for those elements.I am not sure the procedure I hav followed is correct, so please send me the procedure for modelling cohesive element and the contact between the adherent faces.

waiting for the  reply


Finite element modelling fracture mechanics of polymer/clay nanocomposites

I am Cecilia. In 2007 I graduated in mechanical engineering at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy).

During the degree courses I took several classes on structural mechanics, including, Mechanics of Composite Materials,

Fracture Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis (with Ansys and Abaqus).

Now I am a PHD student at the Univesity of Cagliari and this is the aim of my research:

Finite element modelling of polymer-clays nanocomposites with

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