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piezoelectric materials

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mini-symposium on Multiscale and Plasticity Models of Energy Related Materials

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to invite you on behalf of myself, Prof. Tahir Cagin (Texas A&M) and Prof. Akhtar Khan (University of Maryland) to contribute to a newly added mini-symvposium to the International Symposium of Plasticity to take place 3-8 January 2013 at Bahamas Island; more detailed information of the event is listed below. 

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Finite element analysis of the spherical indentation of transversely isotropic piezoelectric materials

Finite element analysis was used to analyze the indentation deformation of
a transversely isotropic piezoelectric material (PZT-4) by a rigid spherical
indenter. Three cases were considered in the analysis, which included (a)
the indentation by an insulating indenter, (b) the indentation by a conducting
indenter and (c) the indentation of the piezoelectric material with equal electric
potential on the top surface. The indentation load was found to be proportional
to the 3/2 power of the indentation depth for all three cases. Using the simulation

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