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Abaqus subroutines

How to combine VUMAT an VUEOS in Abaqus


I have written a VUMAT for Johnson Cook Model. I would like to use subroutine VUEOS to define linear Mie-Gruneisen equation of state. The USUP type VUEOS subroutine can be found at Abaqus Documentation.

However, I am not able to figure out how to combine the two subroutines. What needs to be called from VUEOS into VUMAT?



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Linking Abaqus 2016 with Parallel Studio Composer 2016 +Visual Studio 2015

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Dear all,


Any help on linking Abaqus 2016 with Intel Parallel Studio composer 2016 and Visual Studio 2015 would be appreciate.

(Note:I can't use older version of compiler as their producers (Microsoft & Intel) will not support liscence for older versions any more.)



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Linking Abaqus 6.14 with Intel Parallel Studio_xe_2016.compiler

Hi Everyone!


I need your help very badly. I am trying to link Abaqus 6.14-2 with Intel parallel Studio_xe_2016. I am not able to link it so far even though I followed many posts that are found on internet. Here's what I did:

Adding static/dynamic library to an Abaqus user subroutine

I want to use an external subroutine in my umat but I have not been able to do that so far. Having created a dynamic library project in Visual Studio 2008, I have created a .dll and .lib files and copied the .lib file into the working directory of my abaqus job and the .dll file to exec folder. I have also added the directory of the .lib file in the LIB environmental variable. But I get these errors from ABAQUS: 

Applying friction induced torque


I am modelling a beam inside a tubular constraint using beam elements in Abaqus explicit dynamic analysis.  I used connector elements for creating a radial clearance. The connector can apply axial friction, but I am wondering how to apply friction induced moment. It clearly depnedes on moving direction of the beam. Please let me know what you think about a strategy to model the moment.


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